Sony (NYSE:SNE) wants to make a splash in the laptop market with a new line of premium laptops it's calling "VAIO | red edition PCs."

This week, Sony launched the bold red-colored PCs in limited quantity in an effort to raise the status of its VAIO Duo, Pro, and Fit laptops. According to Engadget, the laptops in red went on sale earlier this year in Japan and Europe. Unlike other models, the red edition PCs combine "premium" design and engineering features, says the company. They come with Windows 8, Intel Core i7 fourth generation processors, and Sony display, camera, and audio technology. All models are touch-enabled.

More specifically, Sony says the VAIO Pro 13 is the first laptop to include a high speed PCIe SSD drive, which provides faster performance than traditional SSD drives. The VAIO Fit 15 offers a hybrid hard drive and optical drive that can read and write Blu-ray Disc media.

The VAIO Duo 13 model is available for $2,999.99. The VAIO Pro 13 model is available for $2,599.99. The VAIO Fit 15 model is available for $1,999.99.