Brendan Byrnes: When you're writing a book like this, is it a challenge to make it relevant and applicable to everyone from the top of the corporations to maybe a small business owner? How do you go about doing that?

Roger Martin: That's what we tried to do, Brendan, in the book, and I hope we've succeeded, which is to say, "Regardless of what kind of business you're in, this is a set of choices -- five of them -- that comprise the strategy. Here's what they look like."

I think they're as applicable in a small business as a big business. I think they're applicable in a non-profit. I think they're also applicable at the personal level. I think anybody who's given a job has some important aspiration questions, "What am I trying to accomplish?" and some Where to Play, How to Win choices.

"Where, within the confines of this job, should I focus my energies and how do I create lots and lots of value for my employer?" I think they're a set of questions that are broadly applicable.


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