Google Launches "Art, Copy & Code" to Re-imagine Advertising

Google+ and Art, Copy & Code power Volkswagen Smileage.

Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen
Mar 7, 2013 at 9:22PM
Technology and Telecom

Today, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) launched a new project -- Art, Copy & Code -- in an effort to work with "some of today's most iconic brands and innovative marketers". 

Through the series of projects and experiments, Google seeks to blend creativity and technology to help brands connect with consumers. On one end of the spectrum, Google will partner with creative teams at familiar brands like Volkswagen, Burberry, and Adidas. On the other hand, Google plans to work with filmmakers, creative directors, and technologists. In both instances, Google will explore the use of a whole range of digital tools -- including ads, mobile apps and social experiences.

Google has already begun working with its first partner, Volkswagen, to make driving a more shareable experience. Through Volkswagen Smileage -- a mobile app and web service aimed at delivering a new social driving experience -- the mobile app and web service aims to measure the "fun factor" of a trip. Using a "smileage" metric, the app calculates how "fun" signals like weather, traffic, location, time, and social interactions add to a customer's driving experience. The app can be used with any car brand. 

Moreover, the app is powered by Google+, so customers can post pictures and videos of their trip automatically to Google+ and a live interactive map.

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