In the following video, Ronald Packard, CEO and founder of K12, sits down with Motley Fool analyst Matt Argersinger and explains how K12 empowers students to "be everything they want to be."

Packard says that on one hand, K12's reimbursement per child has been falling for the past four or five years (after 50 to 60 years of increases), but on the other hand, people are becoming more receptive to K12's model as they realize that traditional school systems aren't always working effectively.

Packard states that K12 enjoys greater market penetration in the the Midwest and the Southeast than in the less receptive Northeast. He does mention, however, that K12 has opened a "flex" school in Newark, N.J., that allows kids to come in to a bricks-and-mortar building for schooling yet still receive one-on-one instruction via the Internet.