In the following video, Ronald Packard, CEO and founder of K12, sits down with Motley Fool analyst Matt Argersinger and explains that there's a big difference between good educational content and bad educational content and why K12's content is so good.

K12's content offers rigor and interaction, he says, the latter which makes it interesting. In fact, the No. 1 reason students leave K12, he says, is the difficulty of the content.

The company also uses insights from neuroscience. For example, its content doesn't require use of the scroll bar, since content that requires a scroll-down to be viewed is less likely to be remembered. Likewise, a wrong answer that's presented in a fun manner will be remembered as the correct one, so the wrong answers in K12 courses are presented in as boring a manner as possible.

K12 wants to help as many kids as possible to master the content, so it invests substantial time and money every time it produces a course. Packard emphasizes how K12 calls on teachers, animators, and professors to create the best content possible.