Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Fiber, the company's new ultra-fast internet service, is expanding its existing coverage area. According to a recent announcement posted on Google's Fiber blog, the city council of Olathe, Kan., located in the greater Kansas City area, has approved an agreement that will bring Fiber to the fast growing region. Olathe will be Fiber's third market in the area; both Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., have Fiber service currently available.

Fiber, according to Google, provides Internet connection speeds as much as 100 times as fast as broadband. Rachel Hack, community manager of the Google Fiber blog, said, "Hopefully, this is the first of several announcements that we'll be able to make about bringing Google Fiber to additional cities in the KC metro area, so stay tuned."

With the Olathe City Council’s approval, Google can begin the planning, engineering, and construction phases needed to make Fiber available to area residents. A projected date for completion of the Fiber infrastructure in Olathe is unknown, but Google will "publish an update as soon as we have it."