Will Apple Ever Be Great Again?

Apple's crash has investors running scared. Should it?

Jeremy Phillips
Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith
Mar 23, 2013 at 7:00AM
Technology and Telecom

In the following video, Fool analysts Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith discuss Apple and whether the stock can return to greatness.

Five-year returns on Apple had been over 400% before the stock tumbled last year, cutting that return to about 250%, a sharp decline. That's left investors with a lot of questions.

A big problem, Jeremy says, is that many investors are looking at Apple's stock story, not its company story. Compare Apple with Google's Android platform. When you look at the usage of Fool.com, 90% of mobile use comes from Apple devices, Jeremy says.

Apple's still a great company, and Jeremy is still a buyer.

Austin is also bullish on Apple. One of the things investors have yet to see play out is the annuity-like sales Apple can expect from the growth of its platform to multiple devices. Given that a user may already own one or two Apple devices, it's all the more likely that his or her next purchase will be another Apple product, Austin says.

That's something Google, Microsoft, and Nokia can't touch.