What do Tiger Woods and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have in common? Given the recent struggles of both, more than you might think.

Tiger Woods and Apple are largely considered to be the best in the world at their respective crafts, but they've also dealt with significant setbacks recently. For Tiger, it was a golf career plagued by years by scandal and injury, sending what most considered to be the best player the game of golf has ever seen to as low as 58th in the Official World Golf Rankings. For Apple, it's a stock price under pressure from shrinking margins, heightened competition, and doubts around the company's ability to innovate over the long term.

But on Monday, after nearly 2.5 years sitting below No. 1, Tiger Woods regained his place atop the Official World Golf Rankings by winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational. As bureau chief Brenton Flynn describes in the video below, this introduces some of the key similarities between the journey of Tiger Woods, and the journey Apple must take to regain investor support.

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