Today, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced on its developer blog two major advertising updates for its mobile app.

One of the new features allows developers to create ads that target either Android or iOS mobile platforms, as well as which version of the operating system the device is running on. Advertisers will also be able to select whether they want to show the ad to all mobile users or just ones on Wi-Fi networks.

The second update lets developers create and buy mobile app install ads through Facebook's Ads Create Tool. This feature allows developers to create an ad for their app that will have a one-click install button on mobile devices. "Over the past few months we've seen increasing success with mobile app install ads from apps across a variety of verticals such as retail, e-commerce, gaming, and financial services," the company said on the blog. "Many of these developers are using these ads to accelerate the organic distribution they already get through building with Facebook."

Facebook said Social Quantum, an international game developer, achieved "the No. 5 grossing app in the U.S." after using Facebook's app install ads for less than one month. Facebook will host a Q&A for developers regarding the changes on April 17.

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