Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its updated tally of commercial and military aircraft delivered in the first quarter of 2013 on Thursday.

In the first three months of the year, the aerospace giant delivered 137 commercial aircraft, including:

  • 102 737 "Next Generation" regional airliners
  • 24 777s
  • Six 747s
  • Four 767s
  • and just one 787 Dreamliner.

The company's defense unit, in addition, delivered:

  • 24 helicopters, including 15 Apache attack choppers and nine Chinook transports
  • Three C-17 transport aircraft
  • 15 combat jets -- three F-15s and a dozen F/A-18E/Fs and EA-18G variants
  • and two P-8 subhunters.

Finally, Boeing's space division delivered exactly one satellite unit.

Boeing shares climbed 0.7% in response to the news Thursday, closing at $84.95.

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