Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has introduced a new way for its users to designate what happens to their digital assets after their account becomes inactive, or after they pass away.

The company said that users can adjust settings in the the new Inactive Account Manager section of their site, which will tell Google what to do with their emails and other data if the account becomes dormant.

Google will delete a user's information, or send it to a trusted contact, after the account has been inactive for a predetermined time period established by the user. The service applies to Google's offerings like +1s, Blogger, Contacts, Circles, Drive, Gmail, Google+ profiles, Pages and Streams, Picasa, Google Voice and YouTube.

Google said in the online statement that, "We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife -- in a way that protects your privacy and security -- and make life easier for your loved ones after you're gone."

The new feature launches today.

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