Given that you clicked on this article, it seems safe to assume you either own stock in Synovus Financial (NYSE:SNV) or are considering buying shares in the near future. If so, then you've come to the right place. The table below reveals the nine most critical numbers that investors need to know about Synovus stock before deciding whether to buy, sell, or hold it.

As the bank's website tells it, Synovus traces its roots back to 1888 when a mill worker at Eagle and Phenix Mill in Columbus, Georgia "had her dress tangled in the factory machinery, and money sewn into the hem spilled across the floor." The mill's secretary and treasurer thereafter began offering to keep employees' money in a safe and pay them monthly interest on it. And thus was born Synovus Financial. With roughly $27 billion in assets today, the bank has since grown into one of the largest regional banks in the country.

As you can see in the table above, Synovus is still struggling to emerge from the financial crisis. Among other things, its nonperforming loans ratio is 101 basis points higher than the average of the 100-plus banks that I surveyed for this series. In addition, its efficiency ratio shows that virtually all of its revenue is eaten up by the costs of running the bank. And finally, its dividend payout ratio is roughly a third of where most bank investors like to see it. As a side note, Synovus' return on equity is abnormally high due to a large income tax benefit it recorded last year. It's for these reasons, in turn, that shares in the regional lender are trading for a 16% discount to tangible book value.

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