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John Maxfield

John Maxfield


I write about banks, trying my best to balance the good and the bad.

Recent articles

Jones, Rene 1

The Making of Rene Jones and the Modern M&T Bank

You can't understand the story of M&T Bank without understanding the story of its chairman and CEO, Rene Jones.


Affirm Deep Dive

Discover what drives the latest fintech firm looking to go public soon.


Why JPMorgan Is Eyeing Square

Bill Demchak once noted that JPMorgan can build anything fintech has in a week given its resources, so what's the missing ingredient?

Goldman Sachs Reports Surge in Third-Quarter Earnings

Wall Street's leading investment bank benefited from higher stock prices and strong trading revenue.


Wells Fargo Earnings Pressured by Low Interest Rates

Wells Fargo's stock was down in early morning trading after the bank reported disappointing third-quarter earnings.


A Foolish Take: The Most Watched Cable News Programs in 2017

Fox News continued to dominate, but MSNBC made major strides.


A Foolish Take: The Modern History of U.S. Corporate Income Taxes

It has been nearly eight decades since corporations faced such a low top marginal income tax rate.


A Foolish Take: Putting This Year's Stock Returns in Perspective

This has been a great year for investors.

Stocks - Rising Price

Why Are Stock Valuations So High Right Now?

Two promising investment options for investors in a pricey market.


Here's Why Bank Stocks Had a Stellar 2017

Two catalysts fueled bank stocks this year.

Interest Rates - 2

This Is Good News for Bank of America Stock

Higher interest rates mean higher revenue at Bank of America.


A Foolish Take: A Contrarian View of Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin has soared this year, going from less than $6,000 to over $16,000 at its high point last week.

Chipotle - 6

Is Chipotle Mexican Grill a Takeout Target?

Its low stock price, combined with the pending departure of its CEO, could lead investors to conclude that the burrito chain is a takeout target.

Apple - Amsterdam Store

Is the Drop in Tech Stocks the Beginning of a Correction?

It's too early to say, but investors should keep their eyes on this.

BAC - 4

Here's Why Bank of America's Stock Could Hit $30 This Week

If shares of Bank of America see another day like today, they will pass $30 for the first time since the financial crisis.

Rich Folk

A Foolish Take: America's Growing Income Inequality

The chairman of the world's biggest hedge fund is worried about the growing wealth gap in America.


Did the Bitcoin Bubble Burst on Wednesday?

Perhaps, but some investors think the cryptocurrency could go higher from here.


Will Bitcoin Hit $20,000 Soon? One Expert Says Yes.

At least one bitcoin expert says the cryptocurrency isn't a bubble.

BAC - 1

Why Bank of America’s Stock Is Climbing Again on Wednesday

Shares of Bank of America are rallying on hopes of tax reform.

Jamie Dimon 2016

JPMorgan Chase Stock Soars Following Tax Bill Advance

Events in Washington, D.C. fueled a rally in bank stocks on Tuesday.

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