Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) has updated its iPhone and Android apps in hopes of driving more mobile sales.

In its effort to make buying more convenient, Groupon has made search a "front-and-center experience" on its mobile apps and it has expanded support to more devices and countries.

In the iPhone app v.2.5 update, customers can use the search function anywhere in the app. The update also lets Groupon customers in India purchase deals on the iPhone.

Groupon has made similar functions available on its Android v.2.4. version. As the Android tablet market continues to grow, the company is hopeful that its new interface for 10-in. tablets will help drive Android-based sales.

The new versions are being touted as a "critical part of Groupon's product strategy." The main hope is that search helps merchants make their deals available on an ongoing basis. And as Groupon categories and offerings expand, the company thinks that search will help customers find deals that are most relevant to them. 

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