Much of the debate surrounding the Keystone XL debate has put environmentalists against the energy sector, but there is another group that's forgotten: Canada. The Gulf of Mexico as almost the only plausible home of Canadian oil sands. For this product to flourish, it will need much more takeaway capacity. Right now, it's fighting with North Dakotan producers for pipeline space, and whatever can't be brought by pipe is being sent by rail.

Even with all the fighting over the project, there is an even larger political resistance from First Nations tribes in Canada for moving oil west, and the infrastructure and refining capacity for oil sands in the east are almost non-existent. Like it or not, Canada's most likely candidate for oil sands is the U.S. Gulf Coast. In this video, contributor Tyler Crowe looks at the effect the delayed Keystone XL decision is having on the Canadian industry and what the likely outcomes may be.

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