Elon Musk is moving the market with his tweets again.

Tesla Motors' (NASDAQ:TSLA) popular CEO is teasing investors on an upcoming announcement via Twitter today.

Announcement of new @TeslaMotors strategy tomorrow. Tesla owners will like this.

Now, "owners" here obviously refers to drivers -- not shareholders -- but usually what's good for one is good for the other.

Musk has spiked his stock's chart through a timely tweet before. It was back in February when he promised that he would be putting his money where his mouth is with an upcoming Tesla announcement. The revelation then was that Tesla was introducing a new financing plan with Musk personally guaranteeing the resale value of Model S sedans, effectively offering the near equivalent of a lease.

What will the surprise be now? After his flap with a New York Times reporter earlier this year, it wouldn't be a surprise if the announcement tackles the "range anxiety" that has plagued sales of many electric cars. Even General Motors (NYSE:GM) has marketed its Volt as an alternative to conventional plug-in electric vehicles because it packs an internal combustion engine fueled by a nine-gallon tank for those who fear running out of juice. In other words, Tesla may be about to either beef up its Supercharger network, expand its roadside assistance offerings, or beef up its battery capacities.

We'll find out soon enough. Musk has stood by his Twitter promise before, and now that the SEC has cleared the way for companies and their executives to disclose more information through social media sites, there's little reason to believe that this will be his last Twitter tease. 

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