Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported its latest quarterly earnings, and the market was ambivalent. In this video, Andrew Tonner makes the case for owning Apple now that its earnings report is in. First, Apple moved to return capital to shareholders. This came in the form of increasing its dividend and initiating a stock buyback. Even better, Apple used low-cost debt to help fund all this, thus avoiding U.S. taxes.

Second, Apple does have a product  pipeline, and we can anticipate product launches in the summer and fall of this year. A low cost iPhone could be one of the biggest revenue movers released by the company this year. A new variation of the iPad could be launched as well. Lastly, in the next 12-18 months, Apple will be rolling out other products, possibly the iTV, or iWatch, or both. If these are the disruptive technologies they are rumored to be, they will drive Apple revenues for months. The market does not seem to see it that way, but Andrew thinks the market has it wrong and recommends adding Apple to your portfolio.

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