Despite having shipped 100 liquefied natural gas heat exchangers to various natural gas fields around the world, Air Products (NYSE:APD) has never had an order from a major domestic LNG producer. Until now.

The specialty gas producer announced that its proprietary C3MR liquefaction technology and equipment for use by LNG projects has been chosen for Dominion's (NYSE:D) major liquefaction facility that will be constructed at its existing Cove Point LNG import facility in Lusby, Md.

A joint venture between IHI E&C International and Kiewit selected Air Products' Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger will be a central component of the proprietary propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant liquefaction process.

David J. Taylor, Air Products vice president of energy businesses, said: "We have provided our LNG technology and equipment to baseload LNG projects around the world, but this will be our first large-scale order to be placed and operating in the U.S. Cove Point will be a major liquefaction facility and we are pleased that our industry leading expertise has been selected for this project. We look forward to further involvement in the U.S. export market as future projects develop."

It's not the first time Air Products has worked at Dominion's Cove Point facility, having played a major role in the dry-out and initial cooldown of piping and equipment at the site in the 1970s, supplying a small LNG reliquefier in 1994, and in the recommissioning of the LNG plant in 2003.

Air Products provides atmospheric, process, and specialty gases, with a majority of the total worldwide LNG produced using its technology.