Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ:WIFI) has a new president.

On Monday, the provider of Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, shopping malls, restaurants, and similar locations announced that it has hired away Rubicon Project Chief Revenue Officer Nick Hulse to become its president. Reporting to CEO Dave Hagan, Hulse will be responsible for maximizing revenue at Boingo.

Hagan thinks Hulse is up to the task. In a press release, he noted that "it's time to bring in a dedicated executive who can drive growth and manage the execution" as Boingo grows. Hulse, says Hagan, "has a history of successfully helping companies scale their revenues and maximize growth opportunities."

In a filing with the SEC that came out concurrently with the press release, Boingo said Hulse will have an annual base salary of $325,000, plus an annual cash-incentive bonus targeting 75% of annual base salary, 250,000 stock options, and 50,000 restricted stock units.

Boingo shares rose 0.2% in Monday trading -- half the rise of the rest of the Nasdaq -- to close at $6.24.