With Mother's Day just around the corner on May 12, most of us are still in shopping mode for the moms in our lives. Below are four gift ideas that may help get you started in your search for the perfect gift, each from companies whose stock looks like an attractive investment at current levels. While we each want to find something special and unique for Mom, these companies offer gifts we can all benefit from.

Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS) 
With the company's recent announcement that its Nook tablet will now include the full complement of Google Android applications, the device looks more attractive than ever. With a starting price of $199, the Nook is competitive with other similarly equipped tablets, while offering one of the best displays on the market. As for the stock, while Google may be the real winner, B&N should be reinvigorated by this new partnership and become more competitive in the tablet market. Furthermore, with the company potentially up for sale, the stock has the potential to pop from here.

Source: Barnes & Noble.

For ease of use and simplicity, it is hard to beat an Apple iPad Mini for Mom on her special day. Starting at $329, the iPad Mini is more pricey than the Nook, but if Mom is already a part of the Apple ecosystem, the ease with which she will be able to add the device to her daily routine is impossible to match. As an investment, while Apple shares have taken a beating over the past few quarters, the combination of the company's solid business and recently announced share buyback and dividend increase make shares very attractive at current levels.

Source: Apple.

Macy's (NYSE:M)
From perfume to a treat for the kitchen, Macy's gives you the flexibility to pick something for your mom that is special for her. With countless retail locations and the option to shop online, this is the best broad option on the list. From an investment perspective, Macy's has been slowly grinding higher all year, beating the return of the overall market and showing no signs of slowing down. With a dividend yield of 1.7%, the stock offers the income element of U.S. Treasuries and plenty of upside beyond that.

Coach (NYSE:TPR)
It is hard to beat a Coach bag or accessory for showing Mom that you have both good taste and the willingness to spend a little extra for her special day. With this in mind, Coach has made a big push lately to offer purses at a wider range of price points in order to attract more shoppers. The company was able to beat analysts' expectations at its most recent earnings release, leading to a 10% bump in the stock. Even with the move, the stock has a long way to go to climb out of the hole it has built for itself, so if it can reach former highs, the upside looks quite nice. Finally, with a dividend yield of 2.1%, there is no lack of income offered by the stock.

Ultimately, choosing a Mother's Day gift that fully captures what we love about the moms in our lives is a very personal choice, but these are some ideas that should get those creative juices flowing. The bonus that each comes from a company that offers an attractive investment option just makes the process more appealing. Whatever you choose, this Fool wishes all moms a great day this Mother's Day.