Just after acquiring two startups, Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) has picked up another one. This time, Loki Studios is Yahoo!'s choice for further building out its mobile team.

As noted on Loki Studios' website, seven employees will join Yahoo! to help create "outstanding mobile products." Loki Studios will be particularly helpful in building out Yahoo! location-based features. Working in the competitive mobile-games industry, Loki built games -- including its flagship title Geomon -- that were "location-aware" of a user's weather, temperature, time of day, season, and geographic region. By doing so, the studio sought to create a gaming experience that differed if one was at the beach or in a snowstorm.

This is the third startup Yahoo! has picked up in two days. On Thursday, the company acquired GoPollGo and MileWise. While MileWise worked in travel, GoPollGo also focused on a segment of the mobile industry. 

Also this year, Yahoo! acquired Summly for $30 million. So far, that acquisition seems to have paid off:  Yahoo! has already rolled out some of Summly's features onto its mobile app.