A few years ago, the idea of speaking to your cell phone and getting a response was like something out of a sci-fi movie. Nowadays, if your smartphone doesn't offer voice recognition technology, you're likely missing out on some possibilities. Between Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Now and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Siri, I'm sure you've heard about a thing or two about voice recognition technology. Perhaps what you haven't heard is how Google Now for iOS has completely undermined Apple Siri, to the point where it may threaten Apple's coveted halo.

Google does it better
Let's face it: Apple's Siri hasn't really made much of a splash with users. It's often dismissed as a nice-to-have feature because it lacks the usefulness for everyday smartphone use. Sure, you can use Siri to control your phone, which could come in handy while driving, but when it comes down to searching for answers, Siri often falls short. That's because Siri lacks the wealth of data and experience that Google has been building over the last 15 years.

Google Now leverages all of your Google user data to improve relevancy, context, and timing. If you have an appointment scheduled in Google Calendar, Google Now would display that information and give you the best driving directions in terms of real-time traffic. Check out the video below to get a better sense how Google Now works.

The opportunity of a lifetime
Because Google has a wealth of personalized data to leverage, it has the out-of-the-box capability to that Siri simply cannot match. It would take significant data mining and leg work on Apple's part to get Siri on par with Google Now. Ultimately, this opportunity could be much larger for Google than just being a better Siri for iOS users, because Google Now gives Apple users a real taste of the Android experience. It leaves me wondering if Google Now will awaken Apple users entranced by the coveted halo effect.