Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wants to help websites capture more mobile eyes, and for longer.

Updating its Google+ mobile features, the search giant aims to improve content suggestions for any business with a mobile website. By adding one line of Java script to the backend code, the website can configure content recommendations. In all cases, the recommended content is based on a specific page the visitor is viewing, improving the recommendations' relevancy. If mobile users are signed into Google+, users will also see when content received a "+1" or was shared by people in their circles.

The feature is already live on When users visit the website now, they'll see that they can discover other articles based on Search Authorship signals and Google+ activity. So as to not interrupt the browsing experience, the discovery features appear only when people tap for more.

To experience the feature, readers should access Forbes on an iOS or Android device. More details are also available in Google's developer docs: