As part of a reconfigured capital allocation strategy devised last month, Tessera Technologies (NASDAQ:XPER) is going to pay a special distribution to its stockholders of $0.30 per share of its common stock. It will be paid May 31 to shareholders of record as of May 23.

The company said the new distribution is in line with the adjusted strategy, and that it is derived from "episodic revenue" brought in over the past four quarters, net of certain costs. The company defines episodic revenue as "revenue other than revenue payable over at least one year pursuant to a contract, and may include revenue such as non-recurring engineering fees, initial license fees, back payments resulting from audits, damages awards from courts or tribunals, and lump sum settlement payments."

The new capital allocation plan allows for special dividends to be handed out once per year. These are to be equal to 20%-30% of its "episodic gain," which according to Tessera Tech is "episodic revenue minus pro-rata litigation costs and actual audit costs, taxed at the last fiscal year's book tax rate." Tessera's most recent declared quarterly dividend was $0.10.