In this video, Motley Fool industrials analyst Blake Bos outlines three areas investors need to watch at Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT). First, the integration of acquisitions: Caterpillar has made some historically large acquisitions. How these acquisitions are integrated into the company and how synergies are achieved will be important. Second, commodity prices: One of Caterpillar's acquisitions was Bucyrus, a mining equipment company. While this expanded Caterpillar's presence in the mining industry, that same business is highly sensitive to commodity prices. If commodities fall, so will revenues from this segment. Lastly, Caterpillar is looking to roll out a new manufacturing system to help reduce costs. This could be important for its future growth in China where Caterpillar competes with Komatsu. Right now, Komatsu has the largest market share in China -- Caterpillar will need all the help it can get to successfully compete.