Activist investor Dan Loeb of hedge fund Third Point Ventures has made a name for himself in forced shake-ups. In 2011, he forced a management makeover in Yahoo!, where he now serves on the board of directors. This year, he's made headlines and profits in betting on health shake distributor Herbalife when fellow fund manager Bill Ackman wanted to flush it down the drain.

Now, Loeb wants to shake up Sony (NYSE:SNE) in the mold of a pure electronics specialist, leaving non-core operations like insurance, movies, and music sales by the wayside. Loeb's ideal Sony model would be a lot closer to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) than it is today, which is ironic since Steve Jobs quoted Sony as an inspiration for his once-in-a-lifetime turnaround of Apple. It's also a step toward Google's streamlining under CEO Larry Page, with "more wood behind fewer arrows."

In this video, Fool contributor Anders Bylund examines what's right about Loeb's idea, and why it still might not work.

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