Continuing a string of announcements from its I/O developer conference, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) on Thursday announced changes to its Google Play services that will span four major areas for developers and users. 

Google Play services (version) 3.1 changes affect gaming, location, messaging, and notifications settings. In gaming, the search giant introduces achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer, and saving (so users can pick up the game where they left off on a different device). On location, Google has made it easier to build "efficient location-aware apps" with three pieces of software. Regarding messaging, Google is making it easier for developers to set up Google Cloud Messaging platform on their apps. Finally, with user notification software, Google is making it easier for developers to synchronize notifications across a user's multiple devices. 

This latest version of Google Play is rolling out already, so Android developers can start building better apps with this new software today.