During Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) I/O this week, the search giant introduced new features to improve Google Play development, analytics, and global reach. 

Support for beta testing and staged rollouts were two of them. With both tools, Android developers can now receive feedback on their new app or app updates before releasing a full version. When beta testing, developers can choose who gets to try these versions by adding Google Groups and Google+ communities. In turn, when users give feedback, all responses will be in private. Once the app is more finished, developers can roll out the app to however many of their users they'd like. 

Other announcements include a public page for highlighting tablet-specific apps, translation services, monetization tools, and analytics.

Collaborating with its internationalization team, the Google Play Developer Console will let developers purchase professional translations of their apps from independent providers. 

Google now lets test accounts make in-app purchases. The transactions won't actually be charged; however, the monetization feature should help the development process. 

Inside the Developer Console, developers can see their apps' daily revenue and summary figures. They can also filter data by country and break metrics down by campaign. Google Analytics will also be integrated to show Google Play engagement.

At the start of Google I/O, Google made five product announcements affecting maps, social media, and more.

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