In an effort to help European businesses select the correct advanced flash memory early in the design cycle, Avnet Memec (NYSE:AVT) and Macronix International, a leading provider of non-volatile memory semiconductor solutions, are joining forces to bring NOR, NAND, and ROM technology to customers across the continent.

Avnet Memec VP of technical marketing Bill Walker said: "Adding Macronix' Flash memory products to our portfolio adds depth to our line-card and service offering. Leveraging the Macronix cutting edge manufacturing processes will allow us to offer customers competitive low power, high speed read/write devices across all popular densities to ensure that their design and build cost remains optimized."

Macronix Europe General Manager Chris Bowen praised Avnet Memec's technical design support and logistics and warehousing capabilities.

Avnet Memec is a highly specialized semiconductor distributor. It has 31 offices in 19 European countries and represents major semiconductor franchises on a pan-European basis.


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