International diversification is an integral part of most portfolios, but it is not without its own unique risks. YPF (NYSE:YPF), the Argentine oil and natural gas producer is the topic in our latest "Ask a Fool" series. When determining whether or not our reader, Naji Muwanas, should remain invested after turning a 50% profit thus far, our analyst Taylor Muckerman took a look at a balance of both positive and negative aspects of this company. 

Still entrenched in a legal battle with Repsol after Argentina nationalized its assets in YPF, the company's asset base could be at risk if concessions must be made. However, the future of Argentina's oil and natural gas industry appears to be bright. With these aspects -- along with more that can be found in the video below -- in mind, Taylor believes that Naji's position should be trimmed in order to secure some profits. This stock could be volatile for a while, so staying invested with "free" money might be the best route.

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