In the following video, Fool contributor Maxx Chatsko updates AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) investors on momentum-building developments around promising drug collaboration. AbbVie and Belgium pharma company Galapagos were already partnered to develop a selective JAK1 inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis, but why stop there? The two announced that the potential-packed therapy under development would also be expanded to include Crohn's disease.

What the heck is a JAK inhibitor, and why does it matter? JAK inhibitors are small molecules that transcend the cell membrane and cell communication process to regulate immune response for inflammatory diseases. Given the success of biologics in treating inflammatory diseases and cancers, pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop JAK inhibitors. Could bringing such a drug to market help AbbVie survive Humira's fall over the patent cliff? Get more details in the video below.