When Apple and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) squared off over which had the better map software, a new battleground in technology was created. Apple's missteps in the arena remain some of the most discussed mistakes ever made by Cupertino. Even today, the relationship between the two behemoths remains strained over this very subject. So when word spread that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) was potentially acquiring a leading map app for a cool $1 billion, it instantly became news.

Map software is at the center of this struggle for a very important reason, making this latest move by Facebook more important than it might otherwise be for the company. Since the initial rumors of Facebook's interest, Google has joined in the hunt for the very same technology.

In the video below, Fool.com contributor Doug Ehrman discusses the reasons that maps have become so central to the battle for the top spot in tech and where the latest news leaves the big players.

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