Today, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) launched several new features for the Bing Desktop. The company said that over 10 million people have downloaded Bing Desktop, and that it is constantly looking for ways to change the app based on user feedback.

The new features include:

  • Inline Search: Users can now highlight text in a webpage, Word document, or PDF, and then then click the Bing icon to do a web search on the highlighted text.
  • Real-Time Weather Snapshot: A weather icon displays real-time local weather when clicked.
  • News at a Glance and Trending Topics: Users can now view trending topics or specific news categories more easily using the new cascading layout.
  • Facebook Notifications: Bing Desktop users can now keep up with Facebook updates with the Facebook notifications icon on the toolbar.

Bing said that the changes will be rolled out over the next few days, but that the new version can be downloaded now by going to the Bing site here.

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