Are you looking for dividend income to fuel your golden years? I have three great dividend stocks that all offer decent current dividend yields, with plenty of potential growth in the years ahead. These shareholder-friendly stocks are great companies to own in your IRA.  

Dividend stock No. 1: Freeport-McMoRan (FCX 0.65%)
Yielding just over 4%, Freeport is a great dividend stock for investors seeking to put some of the cash to work that's been piling up in their IRAs. The stock is pretty cheap these days as the company has battled problems at its mines, as well as falling copper and gold prices. At just 10 times earnings, investors have a golden opportunity to snap up shares at bargain-basement prices.

Not only are shares cheap, but the company recently made two big moves to diversify its business into oil and gas production. By reducing its mining exposure to just 75% of its business, Freeport is building a more stable global resource company. Over time, the addition of oil and gas to its portfolio should fuel future growth, which will eventually enable the company to grow its dividend. That makes Freeport a great dividend stock for today's yield, and an even better one for your golden years.

Gold Footpath by George Hodan.

Dividend stock No. 2: National Oilwell Varco (NOV -0.06%)
With a current yield of just 1.5%, few investors probably consider National Oilwell Varco a great dividend stock. Over the past couple of years, the company gave investors a token $0.01 per share dividend raise each year. That all changed last month when the company announced that it was doubling its dividend payment to $0.26 a share. The company believes the increase reflects its strong financial condition, and the confidence in its business going forward.

As a key supplier to the oil and gas industry, its products and services will be in demand for as long as we're still drilling for oil and gas. Further, shares are pretty cheaply priced at around 12 times earnings, and its current dividend payout ratio is less than 10% of its earnings. That means investors are paying a pretty fair price for a company that has the ability to grow its dividend a lot more in the years ahead.

Dividend stock No. 3: Phillips 66 (PSX 0.34%)
While the refiner has only been public for just over a year, Phillips 66 has already raised its dividend three times. That's brought today's yield close to 2%, which isn't too shabby. What's even better is that, over time, the company should be able to keep growing its dividend, which should help fuel some retirement road trips when you finally do start tapping your IRA.

Phillips 66 is working to build its three platforms, which include refining, midstream, and chemicals. The company has billions of dollars in future growth opportunities, thanks to the phenomenal growth of U.S. oil and gas production. However, it's taking a balanced approach as it invests to grow its business, while leaving plenty of capital left over to reward investors by growing its dividend and buying back stock. Add it all up, and Phillips offers investors a balance of growth and shareholder distributions, which make it a great dividend stock for the long-term.

Foolish bottom line
While all three are great dividend stocks for an IRA, I'd like to draw your attention to the 4% dividend from Freeport. Not only does the company offer a fantastic current yield, but, because of its exposure to commodities -- especially gold -- it provides a great long-term inflation hedge. That puts investors on a nice path forward as we navigate an always uncertain future.