Morgan Housel recently met up with veteran exchange trader Doreen Mogavero at the New York Stock Exchange. Mogavero has been a floor trader for 30 years. In this video, he asks what she thinks the NYSE -- now part of NYSE Euronext (UNKNOWN:UNKNOWN) -- will look like 30 years from now. Have a look. (A transcript follows.)

Morgan Housel: What would the New York Stock Exchange look like 30 years from now?

Doreen Mogavero: I don't think anybody knows what the world's going to look like 30 years from now, so it's kind of hard to say what the floor is going to look like. I have to think it's not going to look too much different than it looks today. Probably more people, a few more people, doing different things, I would think. Not necessarily trading, but different support people for maybe systems or something like that. A little more Star Wars-y, probably. But I think overall it will probably look pretty much the same.

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