LNG exports! LNG exports! It has such a ring to it, and it is on the mind of almost any person in the energy space. So, how is it that this industry that is poised to explode actually shrank by 0.9% in 2012? Well, it just goes to show you the nascent form this industry is in. One of the biggest reasons why global LNG trade is down is, in large part, because the U.S. no longer needs it. Our LNG imports are down 78% from what they were five years ago, and shrank by half between 2011 and 2012. 

Before you write off this industry as a folly, keep this in mind: Most of the facilities around the world that need to export LNG have yet to be built, and the biggest chunk of those facilities will not come online for another couple of years. Learn more about why LNG trade is down lately, and when it should really start to matter, by tuning in to the video below.