In the following video, Fool contributor Matt Thalman discusses three stocks that may be facing some major headwinds in the coming quarters. All three stocks have performed very well over the past year or so, and while Matt is a shareholder of two of the three companies and believes in their long-term stories, he thinks the share prices may have gotten a little ahead of themselves.

Editor's note: This video was shot before Intuitive Surgical's (NASDAQ:ISRG) recent earnings forecast, in which the stock fell more than 18% in one trading session. The chart presented during the video does not reflect that move.

Fool contributor Matt Thalman owns shares of Sirius XM Radio and Intuitive Surgical. Check back Monday through Friday as Matt explains what caused the Dow's winners and losers of the day, and every Saturday for a weekly recap. Follow Matt on Twitter: @mthalman5513

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