Let's face it, if you have followed the energy industry much lately, you probably have considered investing in liquefied natural gas, or LNG, exports. With so much added LNG trade expected in the next several years, who can blame you? But investing in LNG export facilities may not be the best way to do it. Not only have companies planned to build more export capacity than what will be needed over the next couple years, but commodity pricing also poses a risk. 

There is another way to play the LNG game, though, and it may prove to be a more lucrative investment: LNG tankers. LNG specialty tankers command very high prices in comparison to other tankers in the shipping business, and a much smaller number of companies are involved in the LNG shipping business. With a few years to go before LNG ship traffic takes off, Fool.com contributor Tyler Crowe explains why this could be a good time to invest in this industry. Watch the video below where he outlines why tankers are poised to do well in the future, and selects a few companies to keep an eye on.