As Foolish investors, we're always looking for companies with some sort of competitive advantage, or moat.

TiVo (NASDAQ:TIVO) has operated in a cutthroat industry since its inception. As Verizon, DIRECTV, and others began to offer their own DVRs, TiVo's subscriber count plummeted.

One way management hopes to reverse that trend is by building a technological advantage over these cable and satellite operators. The company recently introduced improvements to its Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS app with the addition of "What to Watch Now" -- available to owners of one of the TiVo Premiere DVRs. TiVo's Jim Denney chatted about his company's technology with Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore at the recent Cable Show in Washington, D.C. In part three of this series, Jim shows how the app and TiVo Stream can be used watch your TiVo programming on your iPad or iPhone -- and skip commercials to boot.

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