Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) most recent earnings were greeted warmly by investors, but the quarter was a mixed bag of positive and negative storylines. One of the areas investors are focusing the most on is Apple's iPad sales number, which was its first ever year-over-year drop in the number of tablets sold. 

In the video below, Fool analysts Evan Niu and Eric Bleeker examine whether the iPad can keep up with a tablet market that's still seeing quite a bit of global growth. As the two of them discuss, with the hottest area of tablet sales being on the extreme low end, Apple's iPad growth rates will likely trail the global average. However, what might be the most interesting storyline for the coming years is when consumers buy new tablets. Since tablets are "newer" devices, the rate at which consumers upgrade tablets is still to be determined. Whether users choose to upgrade tablets in two, three, or four years will likely determine how big the iPad's total market size will be. 

To see Evan and Eric's full thoughts, watch the video below.