Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE:ADM) is continuing its long history of paying dividends. The company has declared its latest common stock distribution, which is to be $0.19 per share paid on September 12 to shareholders of record as of August 22. That amount matches both of the firm's previous two distributions, the most recent of which was paid at the beginning of June. Prior to that, Archer Daniels Midland handed out $0.175 per share.

The firm has paid dividends since 1975, and so far this century has been reliable and steady in distributing them. Over the past decade, the quarterly disbursement has climbed from $0.06 to the present level.

The just-declared dividend annualizes to $0.76 per share. That yields at a little more than 2% at Archer Daniels Midland's most recent closing stock price of $37.76.