The additive manufacturing industry is set to change in a big way by 2016. This is the year that General Electric (NYSE:GE) plans to leverage its purchase of the newly acquired Morris Technology to accomplish full-scale production of the LEAP engine's fuel nozzles using additive manufacturing. The LEAP engine will be used in Boeing's 737-MAX airplane, and the use of additive manufacturing in its production will be the first time in history that the technology has been used on a scale this large.

Boeing 737-MAX: courtesy Boeing Media Images

At this year's AUVSI Unmanned Conference in Washington, D.C., Motley Fool analysts Blake Bos and Rex Moore stopped by GE's Additive Development Center booth to see just how the company is approaching this monumental task. Investors in any additive manufacturing company should take note of these developments, as any moves a company the size of GE makes will surely affect the entire industry. Watch the video below as Mike Cloran, marketing manager of GE's Additive Development Center, explains how GE plans to use the technology and what printers the company is using today.