How chic is geek? Chic enough to make the rounds of fashion magazines, which could mean that we'll soon see celebrities become early adopters of wearable computing gear, Fool contributor Tim Beyers argues in the following video.

How soon is anyone's guess, of course, but there's little doubt this is a battleground area for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Tim says. That Glass is getting a serious PR push means Google wants to be known as a wearable-computing brand. Apple, meanwhile, is hiring fashion-industry talent in what looks like a bid to introduce not only an iWatch but also a whole line of wearable computing devices.

Picking a winner at this early stage is impossible, Tim says. Yet it's never too early to own the trend. In this case, that means taking small positions in both Apple and Google while keeping a lookout for other leading-edge producers, such as Rule Breaking eyewear maker Warby Parker.