Carl Icahn recently announced a "large" position in Apple. We don't know what was more newsworthy, the position itself or that he used Twitter to make the announcement. With our interest piqued and our tongues in our cheeks, we hired some imaginative millennial interns to suss out Icahn's most recent tweets. Here they are:

@Tim_Cook Did you see it's Shark week on Discovery? #ActivistSharksCircling

@Bill_Ackman Bill how are things going at JCP? #GoodLuckWithThat

@Tim_Cook We really need an innovative stocking stuffer in time for the holiday season. #MakeATVAlready

@Bill_Ackman Is Ron Johnson busy? We've got a spot for him at AAPL. #LookingForARationalBOD

@Tim_Cook I urge you to take $6 billion of that cash to build an iHyperloop. #TalkToTonyStark

@Bill_Ackman How's everything going with that Herbalife short? #HerbalifeForGoodWealth

@Prem_Watsa How much do you think those BlackBerry patents are worth? #GoodLuckWithThat

@Bill_Ackman Eddie Lampert wants to know if you would consider merging JCP and SHLD? # AMatchMadeInHeaven

@BOD_Airgas Get ready for some long board meetings. #300SlidePowerPointDecksRule

@Bill_Ackman I just liked you on FB. #MuchRespect