On the road in Seattle, The Motley Fool pays a visit to online home and real estate marketplace, Zillow. Today we chat with Chief Revenue Officer Greg Schwartz about Zillow's revenue streams, monetization strategies, and what lies ahead.

Zillow was founded in 2005, and enjoyed success during the housing market's difficult times. Greg sees revenue growth ahead now that the market is in recovery.

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Brendan Byrnes: How levered is Zillow -- specifically, the revenues, talking with you -- to the housing recovery?

Greg Schwartz: We think the housing recovery certainly helps amplify our business. Of course, during difficult times, agents need to market themselves, and brokers need to market themselves. We grew a pretty valuable company during that period, and we see this richer housing market amplifying our revenues.

Brendan: Will you talk about maybe the doubters that Zillow can't maintain this huge growth? What do you have to say to that?

Greg: There are doubters? Really?

Brendan: Maybe not right now, the way your stock's been performing, but people that are saying, "This is a really expensively priced stock. How can they maintain that growth?" What do you say?

Greg: Yeah. We're at a relatively young time in the development of the company and of our revenue streams. Given the leading position that we have in real estate consumers, in the for-sale marketplace, as well as in the rental marketplace, there's just a terrific amount of growth ahead of us.

We're very focused on exceptional execution. We've got the team to do it. We have the consumers coming to the platform, we've got robust industry relationships, so we're going to get this done.