You may have never seen an Opel Ampera, but it looks an awful lot like a Chevy Volt. There's a good reason for that: They're siblings. Photo credit: General Motors

Nissan (NASDAQOTH:NSANY) showed earlier this year that price cuts could work wonders for electric cars, after a discount for its Leaf sent sales soaring. That led General Motors (NYSE:GM) Chevrolet Volt hybrid to make a bold move with its Chevy Volt, cutting the Volt's price by several thousand dollars. It worked out well: Volt sales were up over 18% last month.

GM said on Monday that the Volt's German cousin would get a big price cut of its own. Will that lead to another big boost for GM? contributor John Rosevear ponders that in this video -- and asks whether price cuts will end up being the key to getting more buyers to consider electric cars.

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