In what's already amounting to a big week for tech investors, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) took center stage when it unveiled the first major update to its Surface line of tablets on Monday.

The update comes at a time when Microsoft is in serious need of some traction in the booming tablet space. It still markedly lags both Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating system in terms of market share. Microsoft's first crack at a tablet was better than its previous product (i.e., nothing), but as we know now, not by a wide margin. Especially in the case of the ARM-based Surface RT, Microsoft's initial foray into the tablet market was largely worth forgetting.

And while the new tablets keep with the common themes in the tablet and smartphone space (faster, lighter, etc.), Microsoft's event left watchers generally less than impressed.

However, as Fool contributor Andrew Tonner discusses in the video below, Microsoft missed one big opportunity to make its Surface into a potential winner.

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