The following video is from Friday's Investor Beat, in which host Chris Hill, and Motley Fool analysts Ron Gross and Charly Travers, dissect the hardest-hitting investing stories of the day.

The U.S. Federal Government remains partly shut down, and the deadline over whether Congress will raise the debt ceiling, or let America default on its debt, is rapidly approaching. Yet, the markets seem to be shrugging this off. In today's lead story on Investor Beat, Ron and Charly discuss why there seems to be so much confidence that a deal will be struck in time, and whether or not this belief is misguided.

Also, this week saw an unsolicited buyout offer coming from Jos. A. Bank for Men's Wearhouse, which was rejected, but which still has MW shares up around 30% for the week. Ron and Charly discuss how this may pave the way for an acquisition eventually down the road, and more broadly, they look at how difficult of a business apparel retail can be, and whether more consolidations like this may be on the horizon.

And finally, the guys discuss why they'll be adding Facebook and Coach to their watchlists, as we move into this earnings season.


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