The best investors are always those that have the vision and temperament to make long term investments -- and this applies to oil companies as well. As Total (NYSE:TOT) CEO Chirstophe de Margerie said at a recent speaking event, "as investors, we need to invest in long term...not just oil and gas." Total is putting its money where its "Big Moustache" is by investing over $1 billion in American solar company Sunpower (NASDAQ:SPWR). And Total isn't the only one: despite shedding over $38 billion in what it described as non-core assets, BP (NYSE:BP) has finally decided to keep its $3.5 billion in wind farms in the US.

For many of these companies, playing the long game and keeping their options beyond oil and gas open is an investment in the long-term future, as some see their current business models fading. Watch the video below, in which contributor Tyler Crowe explains why Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS-A) thinks its largest client will be non-existent in 2070, and how investors should treat this kind of forward thinking.


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