It's time to take the pulse of the market, where we look at the top 50 insiders buying and selling shares over the past 30 days -- with all data from Insider Monitor.

The past 30 days were heavily tilted toward insiders selling stock, with 27 times more sold than bought. The top two holdings being sold were General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Five Below (NASDAQ:FIVE), which alone accounted for nearly 40% of the $14.3 billion of stock sold during the period. On the other side of the coin, key insiders at Sprint (NYSE:S) and Synageva BioPharma (UNKNOWN:GEVA.DL) have bought nearly $213 million worth of stock, accounting for 40% of all insider buying during the time period.

In the following video, Motley Fool analyst Blake Bos discusses the recent transactions and what was driving some of the buying and selling in these companies. He'll break down total buying and selling over the past two months and let investors know whether they should interpret the huge amounts of insider selling as a sign of a looming market collapse or disregard it as noise.

All graphs are summarized below.